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Tulsa Rankings
Tulsa Rankings

Tulsa is a fantastic place to live. With plenty to do and a low cost of living, it’s easy to see why more and more people are calling Tulsa home.

In fact, Tulsa ranks:
#1 – Global location (Oklahoma) for oil and gas investment (Fraser Inst., 2012)
#2 – Among U.S. cities for young people to find a job (Fiscal Times, 2012)
#2 – Nationally for announced new and expanded industries (Site Selection, 2012)
#3 – National home value growth (, 2012)
#3 – Nationally, best employment outlook for 2nd Qtr, 2012 (Manpower)
#3 - Top Libraries for Children (, 2012)
#4 – Among 10 Best Places to Find a Job (Fiscal Times, 2011)
#4 – Among metro areas for Quality of Life (Business Facilities 2010)
#6 --  State (Oklahoma) ranking for wind power capacity (US DOE, 2011)
#6 – Metro in the U.S. for percentage growth of exports (Brookings, Inst., 2012)
#8 – Among U.S. cities for manufacturing (BLS, 2012)
Top 10 – State (Oklahoma) for job growth and business creation (BLS, 2011)
Top 10 – Among cities with best music scene (, 2012)
#15 – Most affordable city (Forbes, 2011)
Top 25 – Best city for retirees (Forbes, 2012)
Top 100 Metro among the leading world economies (Brookings Inst., 2012

(Excerpted from Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce)

Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture

Tulsa has a rich history in the arts and a thriving artistic community. Classic and cutting-edge institutions like the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, the Tulsa Opera, Tulsa Symphony and Performing Arts Center, The Living Arts of Tulsa and more are setting the stage in creative expression.

Tulsa is a unique blend of big city opportunity and a small town feel. It has a reputation for its welcoming of new business. A stronghold of the arts and education, the Tulsa community takes pride in it’s rich history with sites like The Philbrook Museum, Route 66, Cain’s Ballroom, and more.

In the 1920s Tulsa's downtown was growing at the rate of $1million each month resulting in Tulsa's historic Central Business District having the third largest concentration of art deco buildings in the country.  Highlights include the Boston Avenue Methodist Church, which is known as the finest art deco church in the country, the Pilcade, which seemlessly blends art deco and art nouveu styles of architecture, and the Pythian Building which houses one of Tulsa's most elaborate art deco interiors.  Downtown Tulsa Unlimited created a self guided walking tour of many of Tulsa's architectural treasures.


Tulsa’s unique districts and neighborhoods offer both family activities and ample nightlife attractions.

The Blue Dome District lying immediately east of downtown is evidence of Tulsa's unique ability to move forward without losing its history.  The popular downtown entertainment district is named for the distinct Blue Dome located at 2nd and Elgin Avenue.  The building was originally a Gulf Oil service station, which has been converted to an information office for the district.   The district has developed into an area that draws people both day and night.  Many of Tulsa's celebrations take place in the Blue Dome District.

The Brady Arts District is one of the oldest sections of Tulsa and is characterized by two-story brick warehouses.  It is home to Cain's Ballroom and the Ole Lady on Brady, and the Brady Theater.  The Brady District has developed over the last twenty years into an entertainment and arts district, and is one of the most diverse areas in all of Tulsa.  It is home to the first Friday Art Crawl.  The BOK Center which has been nominated each of the last three years as Arena of the Year by Pollstar Magazine is located southwest of the Brady Arts District.

ONEOK Field is located in the Greenwood District.  Greenwood was known as one of the most successful and wealthiest African American communities in the US during the early 20th Century and earned the nickname America's Balck Wall Street.  The Greenwood District was the original home to the Jazz Hall of Fame which moved to its current home the old Tulsa Depot in 2007.

The Cherry Street District is defined by a portion of 15th Street which is known as Cherry Street.  This neighborhood is home to local restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries, antique shops, and vintage shops.  Cherry Street is surrounded by four of Tulsa's residential districs listed on the National Register of Historic Places:  Swan Lake, North Maple Ridge, Gillette, and Yorktown.

Tulsa's many neighborhoods are as unique and diverse as its residents.  From shopping districts to districts focused on modern design, Tulsa's neighborhoods are part of what gives the city character.


Tulsa is known for outdoor entertainment.  The City of Tulsa manages 135 parks.  Woodland Park is a 45-acre tract that double as a botanical garden featuring the Tulsa Municipal Rose Garden and the Linnaeus Teaching Garden.  Tulsa River Parks run next to the Arkansas River from downtown to the Jenks bridge.  The area features trails, landscaping, and playground equipment.  The River Parks Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area is a 300 arce tract that features over 45 miles of dirt trails for hiking, running, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

The Tulsa Zoo was voted America's Favorite Zoo in 2005.  The zoo features over 1,500 animals and 436 species.  The Tulsa Zoo is located in Mohawk Park which is the 3rd largest municipal park in the country.

Tulsa's Oktoberfest celebration was listed in the world's top 10 by USA Today and as one of the top German food festivals in the nation by Bon Appetit Magazine.

Tulsa hosts the Intertribal Indian Club Powwow Champions, Scotsfest, India Fest, Greek Festival, Festival Viva Mexico, ShalomFest, Dia de Los Muertos Art Festival, and the Asian-American Festival.   Tulsa's Mayfest Arts Festival drew close to 365,000 people downtown in 2012.  Tulsa also hosts Block Party Day, Conestoga, Green Country Wine Festival, Tulsa Pride Festival, Tokyo in Tulsa, Rock n' Rib Fest, Jazz on Greenwood Festival, Food Truck Festival, Blue Grass and Chili Festival, the Backwoods Bash Music and Camping Festival 20 minutes from downtown Tulsa on Lake Keystone, and the Bass Bash which celebrates the 2013 Bassmaster Classic.

Tulsa is home to McNellie's Fun Run, the Tough Tulsa Bike Ride, and the Tulsa Marathon.


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