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The silent giant, thatís the role played by Tulsaís energy-related manufacturing and construction segment. Anybody who has spent time in Tulsa understands at least some of the history, culture and current status of the oil and gas exploration/production business in this city. But most still are unaware that the service side of the energy sector now outpaces E&P in terms of overall employment numbers. Whether itís the construction of oilfield pumps, assembly of giant heat exchangers or the tiniest components, Tulsaís army of welders, machinists, mechanics and others make this city the second largest enclave of energy-related blue-collar workers in the nation.

This list, which will rotate regularly, is only a few of the companies engaged in this segment of the energy industry in metro Tulsa.

Baker Hughes is a worldwide well services firm. Baker Hughes was formed with the merger of Baker International and Hughes Tool Company, which were both founded more than a century ago.  Baker Hughes operates in more than 80 countries and boasts 58,000 employees across their operations.  Of those employees, 1,200 are located in Tulsa.

Matrix Service Co. is a design, construction, maintenance, and repair firm for the energy industry.  Customers include oil and gas, refining and power generation.  Matrix Service was founded in Tulsa in 1984 and by 1992 was ranked 58th on Fortune Magazine's List of 100 Fastest Growing Companies.  Matrix Service has 500 employees in its Tulsa headquarters and employs close to 1,300 people companywide.

MESA is a leading supplier of cathodic protection systems, and pipeline integrity solutions providing engineering, installation and materials tailored to clientsí needs and requirements. Founded in 1979, MESA has grown into a full-service engineering and construction firm, specializing in installation and materials for cathodic protection systems.  With corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and divisional offices in Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, and South Carolina, MESA is one of the largest cathodic protection companies in the United States. 

Tulsa's Allan Edwards, Inc., the nation's original manufacturer of concrete river weights, has served the pipeline and refinery industry since 1947.   At Allan Edwards' 20-acre industrial complex, products are manufactured to the customer's exact specifications.  If warranted by tonnage, Allan Edwards crews can produce the finest quality river weights or pipe coating at customer's job site--a procedure that can result in considerable savings in shipping costs.

Started in the 1930s in the oilfield tool manufacturing business, Gunnebo Johnson has grown into a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing chain and lifting components, fastening systems, for the construction industry, blocks and systems for heavy lifting equipment, traction devices, and telescopic ladders.  Gennebo Johnson snactch blocks, specialty takes, and ForgeFab sheaves are use in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.  Gunnebo Johnson's corporate headquarters is located in Tulsa.



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